Young Troll

Level 18

Health: 3955

Experience: 632

Experience is divided up between the number of players attacking the monster whether its 1 hit or 100 it equals the same. Then each players experience is divided up by the number of skills used. If there is a decimal remainder for the experience it is rounded down to the nearest whole number.

Example: Blocker using Heavy Armor and Swordsmanship will receive 158 Heavy Armor Experience, 158 Swordsmanship Experience. Archer who never gets hit gets 316 Archery Experience.

Respawn Rate: 2 minutes

Loot: Nothing (Semi-Rare) 0-1 Troll Leather (Rare), 0-1 Troll Bones, Iron Plate Body, Cow Leather Body, 0-9 Raw Whitefish, 0-9 Raw Poyfish, 0-8 Raw Glassfish, 0-5 Crawler Leather, 0-91 Silver, 0-10 Steel Ingot

Locations: Monastery Mine (x1), Roke's Cavern (x4)?

Notes: Part of the "The Abandoned Mine Quest"