Ulan map
Gs dlan
  • Location of Ulan's dungeon, in Yorkhill, among the rock line.
  • enemys in dungeon LvL 10 skeletons , LvL 13 sorcerers, LvL 20 dark knight
  • Ores copper (LvL 10), iron (LvL 1), clay (LvL 1), verum (LvL 15), stranite (LvL 25)
  • In Dungeon a gate is in the path ( locked ), to unlock gate, player needs Strong Key. To get Strong Key kill Skeletons for broken keys. Collect two and combine them ;( Inventory right click both pieces ) this will make a Fragile Key. Collect one Clay; combine with key for key mold, then collect one Iron ore, go to the furnace and it'll create a strong key.

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