Trolls and their leather is hard to come by, the first Troll you meet is in the Grimwall Mine for the Quest ( The Abandoned Mine ). This Troll is LvL 18 with no extra ads but the area is extremely dark to see in.

The second Troll i found is at the bottom of Grimwall, Same LvL as the mine but with ads that includes Sorcerers ( LvL 13 ), Skeletons ( LvL 2 ), and Wolves ( LvL 5 ). I prefer having a group for this area and someone with the healing AoE "Healing Aura" ( LvL 14 Healing ).

Last Locations is at the bottom of East Athagos, these trolls are High LvL for the Area ( LvL38 Trolls). So have a big group or LvLed for it --SneakpeekTV (talk) 23:33, July 16, 2018 (UTC)