Sarkas require level 25 Fishing to catch. Each Sarkas rewards 180 fishing experience.


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The following table discloses every recipe where Sarkas is a required material. Currently, it is only used via Alchemy.

Name Materials Required
Weak Poison Cure
Weak Poison Cure 2 Sarkas
Strong Stamina Potion 2 Sarkas; 2 Ground Troll Bones
Gathering Speed Potion 15 Sarkas; 2 Shadow Mote


As shown by the red outline in the picture of the map below, players can catch Sarkas west of Lighthouse. However, a boat is required to reach this location. Sarkas are caught outside of guard protection, so caution is advised.

Sarkas Location

Sarkas are able to be caught west of Lighthouse.

Leveling informationEdit

[Accurate as at 08/09/2018] Leveling from 25-30 (where level 25 is the earliest players can catch Sarkas, and where level 30 is the next tier of fish, Bal Sardan Oysters) requires a total of 94,507 experience (level 30: 195,693 - level 25: 101,186). Because each Sarkas rewards 180 Fishing experience, a player has to catch 526 Sarkas in order to reach level 30 (94,507 / 180).